A Place For Patriots

This is a meat and potatoes web site. It has a number of focal points; Halting the Socialist onslaught, gun rights, illegal immigration and the war to save western civilization, among others. The articles are written in plain, easy to understand English. You won’t find words you need to look up like “insouciant,” or made up words like “truthiness.” Well, maybe a couple like sheeple and hollywonk, but not too many. It is easy to read and easy to understand. It is a web site for the sheeple, uhh, people, who have their heads buried in the sands of indifference and denial.

If “pro” and “con” are opposites what is the opposite of progress?


Don’t worry, most Americans are too stupid to catch on.…..and they were! The Barack Obama supporter’s theme song.

Remember, remember, the 4th of November,
the day that Freedom and Liberty died.


The Constitution is not a living, breathing document and more politicians need to understand that. If it was, it would have no value what so ever and that is exactly what the Obama gang wants you to believe.

God bless the America I know
and protect us from a Socialist oppression.