5 Easy Steps to Achieving That Five-Star Hotel Room Vibe

Lillie Oliver | March 24, 2020 | 0 | Retail

Nothing is more indulgent than staying in a luxury suite where you get to live the best life. Just being in a luxurious room, napping in a high-priced, comfy bed with cotton duvet covers NZ residents love, taking long showers in a well-decorated bathroom, and just relaxing in a beautiful space can take away any hints of stress and anxiety.

However, staying in a 5-star hotel all the time can be too costly. So, how about bringing that same indulgence straight to your own bedroom? Here are 5 tricks to make that happen:

Get the best linens.

You may not have the budget for a four-poster bed, but you can invest in beautiful cotton duvet covers NZ homeowners prefer, fitted sheets, and blankets that let you sleep like a toddler at night. Even with your old bed, your fresh sheets will bring out that high-priced vibe in the bedroom.

Triple sheeting makes it better.

Aside from investing in duvets and sheets, you can learn what most hotels do to give their beds that wow factor: using a comforter in between sheets. It may take time to master, but this trick is something you’d like to keep in mind because aside from giving that comfy vibe, it saves you cleaning time and costs. The method keeps your sheets clean for a long time, so you won’t be washing them frequently.  Fluff a few more pillows, and you’re all set for the night.

Add dim lights.

One of the things that most hotels do to create a beautiful ambience to their rooms is through lighting. As for any homeowner, it is one of the easiest and cheapest tricks to achieve that luxury vibe. Just replace your bulbs with dimmer lights and add lamps with warm shades for that cosy feel.

Improve not disapprove.

Just because you have a small bedroom doesn’t mean you have to hate it forever. How about working it out and thinking of ideas that can improve it no matter the size? Even with a tiny bedroom, you can still pull off a luxury hotel ambience through accents, wallpapers, and furnishings. Keep it to a minimum as the aim here is to enhance the room and not overstuff it.

Flowers can make a huge difference.

Adding flowers adds a beautiful, fresh vibe to any room–just like in hotels. The best thing about flowers is that you can buy them in the markets at a reasonable cost. Flowers are also beneficial in keeping the bedroom air clean. However, if you can’t afford to buy fresh flora all the time, you can opt for plastic bouquets and put them in vases just like real ones.

From replacing your old fluorescent bulbs with warmer shades to investing in cotton duvet covers NZ buyers prefer, you can achieve that dream 5-star hotel room vibe without costing you a fortune. What’s best about a DIY is that the design is entirely yours and you can add some more products into the mix just to get the same indulgence as you would get in a hotel room.

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