5 Essential Benefits of Breastfeeding

Lillie Oliver | August 31, 2018 | 0

When it comes to infant food, breast milk is still the best and most recommended by doctors. They provide the right nourishment for your child and comes with several benefits as well. That is why all mothers are advised to breastfeed their infants or if you’re a working mom, you can take advantage of insurance covered breast pumps to make sure that you leave ample breast milk for your baby.

Insurance covered breast pumps
Insurance covered breast pumps

Now if you’re a first a time parent or mother, and you’re thinking of getting infant formula instead, you might want to think again. Here are some reasons that should convince you to stick with breast milk for you baby:

1. Doesn’t Cost Anything

You might have already heard the saying “the best things in life are for free”. This also applies to breastmilk. Unlike infant formulas that cost several dollars, breast milk is for free. You can provide this for your baby by allowing them to suck on your breast. A lot of women may argue that since they are working moms, they can’t be there all the time to feed their babies. Nowadays, being away from your baby for work or for whatever reason isn’t a big problem. You can just get a breast pump and fill up your baby’s bottles with your milk before you leave.

Breast pumps may have been costly before, especially when you want to get the best ones. Nowadays, however, you may ask “will insurance cover my breast pump?” and the answer is a big “YES!”. With insurance covered breast pumps affordable care act, you can get a breast pump  for free or at a very affordable cost.

2. Keep your Babies from Developing Allergies and Illnesses

Infant formulas are made from either soy or cow’s milk, and those who are fed with infant formulas have a higher tendency to develop allergic reactions or get sick. By breastfeeding or by using insurance covered breast pumps to store breastmilk, you can be assured that your baby get healthy and sufficient food.

Breast milk is known to contain antibodies from the mother, which the baby’s body can use to fight off infection. This can increase their immunity and avoid large medical bills that may pile up when a baby gets sick.

3. Keep Your Bones Strong

The insurance covered breast pump Obama care policy can also help keep mother’s healthy. By constantly breastfeeding or pumping milk from your breast, your body’s calcium absorption rate is increased because of the production of milk. After weaning your baby, the calcium absorption rate is maintained for quite some time.

This means that your body is absorbing enough calcium and depositing them in your bones. This can reduce the risk of osteoporosis in women.

4. Reduce Your Risk for Cancer

Studies show that infants who were breastfed or who have taken breast milk exclusively are less likely to develop cancer. Aside from that, breastfeeding mothers also have a significant decrease in the risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer. So by breastfeeding or making the use of insurance covered breast pumps, you can keep yourself and your baby healthy.

5. Helps Burn Calories

Since breast milk is food for infants, it contains calories they need for growth. Now since you’re the one producing the milk with calories and nutrients in it, it is also natural that you will shed off calories from your bodies. This means lesser calories are being converted into fat. This can be a great advantage for mothers who would like to regain their pre-pregnancy figure. Visit https://insurancecoveredbreastpumps.com