The Clintons, Drug Dealers and Pimps

Lillie Oliver | April 24, 2019 | 0 | Articles

DNC and President Clinton miseries surrounding political donations continue. A convicted Drug Dealer and Violent offender bought access to the President and Vice President for $20,000. The man’s name is Jorge Cabrera. This picture was taken in Dec. 1995. Shortly after meeting the Leaders of the Democratic Party, Cabrera was arrested once again, caught with over 5800 lbs of Cocaine. The DNC finally returned the money donated by Mr. Cabrera, but only after a report in Newsweek put the spotlight on the donations, dispite the fact the donations were given last November.

Currently the Justice Department is attempting to confiscate all photographs of Jorge and the President and VP. The Republicans have filed petitions asking the Justice Department to either release the photos, which there are no legal presidence for holding, or state what legal grounds they are using to justify the confiscation of Personal Private Property.

And for a little bit more…..

Here we have a photo taken at an official DNC fundraiser with Bill and Hillary posed with Ng Lap Seng, Macau Crime Lord who controls Prostitution in that region. His Fortuna Hotel is actually a high class bordello where young girls (often underage) are available for a price. Ng, through his American contact Charlie Trie, donated close to a million dollars to the Democrats. There is no mention of the money being returned, but as the contributions are now public knowledge, they probably were.

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